Kekesplace in Mankoadze, Ghana

Kekesplace – invites you to retreat, relax and to renew....
An oasis of vitality, tranquillity and striking natural beauty, you will be enchanted by the rushing sounds of the Atlantic Ocean, long empty beaches and an unparalleled hospitality and friendliness of our staff who had make your stay a pleasant one, not forgetting the special African Body Treatment and massages.

Kekesplace in Mankoadze, a small mud-hutted but picturesque fishing village, in the central region of Ghana, with fishermen in dug out canoes from huge tree trunks twice daily, fishing with a drum and a song.

Mankoadze is just 70kms from Accra, Ghana´s capital and 10 kms from Winneba, westward direction Cape Coast, offers 8 double rooms and 2 single rooms. They are very clean and spacious and sparsely furnished.

Kekesplace welcomes you the whole year round.


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